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The automated Tax Information System “ATIS” and "ATIS-2" for the Ministry of Taxes of the Republic of Azerbaijan.

The automated Tax Information System (ATIS)


The Ministry of Taxes of the Republic of Azerbaijan.


·       Creation of the information system providing timely formation of the budget on a basis the coming of means, accurate realization and visualization of all processes connected with receipt of taxes, structuring information at all levels.

·       Creation of uniform information base in all structural divisions of the ministry, ensuring reliable storage and safe use of these resources.

·       Automation of structural divisions of the ministry on places.

·       Integration with governmental institutions and possibility of a mutual exchange of necessary information.

Subsystems and modules:

·       The module of system of electronic document circulation enables to operate completely all types of documentation in the ministry, processes of their registration, execution, closing etc.

·       Module of registration of taxpayers. This module provides full automation of all processes of the taxpayers related to registration, and also the termination of activity of taxpayers

·       Module of reception of tax declarations and their cameral check. This module covers all process of reception, registration, monitoring and cameral verification of tax declarations, with issue of all necessary reports.

·       The Accounting of Entering Taxes module - this system allows to accept in any format extracts from bank accounts, tax declarations, automatically distributing them on accounts of taxpayers.

·       Calculating Sheets of Taxpayers module - This system on the basis of cameral and documentary checks determines the sum which has to arrive the budget as result of financial sanctions. Conducts automatic calculation of pensions and balance, and also has some other functions.

·       "Storage and Use of Private Matters" module. The system completely automates this process and does it more transparent and clear for taxpayers.

·       The Tax Invoice module is a subsystem of the accounting of invoices and full monitoring and control of this process.

·       The module “System of Administrative Penalties” – this subsystem gives the chance to the staff of the ministry of taxes in the correct order to carry out process of administrative fining, automated process of different application of sanctions, also the subsystem issues the full reporting of data and processes.

·       "Accounting of Consequences of the Measures Which Have Been Carried Out in connection with Elimination of a Tax Debt" module. This system gives the chance to make the list of debtors, to register sanctions on debts, seizure of property, also to carry out the other actions connected with elimination of a tax debt in an automatic mode. This subsystem also issues full reporting of processes and data which are carried out in system.

·       The "Accounting of Results of Operational Tax Inspection" module - a subsystem of expeditious tax audits provide convenient record of results in uniform information base and if necessary outputs all possible reports on the requested criteria.

·       The "accounting of inspection on places for definition of tax violations and the accounting of results of survey" module - allows to carry out inspections on places, identification of taxpayers, definition of checks, and registration of results.

·       The module "An assessment of activity of tax authorities and employees", - the subsystem of performance appraisal gives full opportunity to define quality of work as one employee and as a whole structural divisions.

·       The module "Services for taxpayers" - the subsystem is intended for automation of registration of results of the services provided to taxpayers.

·       The "Internet service" module - as a result of integration with other government bodies for performance of all services provided on the Internet.

·       The E-addresses module – "Getting the duplicate of the certificate for opening of the bank account" and "the VAT of taxpayer for registration" these statements of taxpayers are provided online and are registered in system.

·       The E — Personnel module - is intended for planning and implementation of all works on management of human resources.

·       The Financial and Economic module is a subsystem automates all financial and economic activity and registers everything that was realized.

·       The accounting module - automation of the account was carried out on the basis of the legislation of the Azerbaijan Republic.

·       Analysis module - Removal of expected data on the basis of the complex analysis of available data.

·       The forecasting module is a subsystem of creation of different types of forecasts: linear, dynamic, imitating, models of econometric balance, taking into account seasonal deviations, etc.

·       The module "Reports and Links" - allows to get access to all reports and statements.

·       The module "Inquiry and preliminary investigation of tax crimes"– This subsystem gives the chance to trace and watch completely a course of investigation on all affairs, connected with tax crimes.

·       Integration of information system of the Ministry of Taxes with other state bodies.

·       The "Analysis of a Financial Condition of the Taxpayer" module groups taxpayers in different criteria and issues necessary information.

The used technologies: Oracle, HP, Cisco, Java.