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IT Consulting

The consultants of Cybernet have considerable practical experience in the field of IT consulting that will help to solve many problems facing heads of the organizations, the companies and the enterprises:

  • assessment of compliance of systems operating at the enterprise to the specifics and requirements of business;
  • organization of effective structure for management of IT
  • creation of optimum architecture of corporate information systems, computing and telecommunication infrastructure;
  • assessment of scale and efficiency of IT investments to  the organization requirements;
  • choice of IT solutions is the most adequate tasks of the enterprise.

The Cybernet Company offers the following services in IT consulting:

Audit in the field of information technologies

Depending on the purposes facing the customer concerning use of information technologies, available systems and technical means, experts of Cybernet will book detailed audit in related field. Results of audit will enable the customer to estimate degree of compliance of IT to requirements of business, as well as efficiency and validity of investments in IT, providing sufficient resource in IT, etc.

Our approach for the organization and carrying out audit is based on use of the recognized international standards that meet the purpose of audit, or standards of general purpose.

Development of IT strategy

Elaboration of recommendations on the directions in order to develop existing IT system of the customer on the adjusted horizon of planning taking into account the current and future business objectives, and also tendencies on development of information technologies. Development of IT strategy is conducted on the basis of results of careful audit and the analysis of used information systems, infrastructure, and approaches to management in IT sphere.

Assessment of usage efficiency of corporate information systems

Assessment of the current level of investments into IT and ensuring their controllability on the basis of methodology of an assessment of cumulative cost of possession (TCO, Gartner), including IT current level audit, the analysis of adequacy degree of structure and the volumes of investment to business requirements, an assessment of efficiency of the organization of IT service and technologies of IT management, and also processes of corporate IT systems’ service.

Improvement of various aspects for IT system’s control

The clear understanding of an existing state and potential requirements of IT control system allows to propose successfully to customers effective solutions in such areas, mentioned below:

  • Management of IT services
  • Management of application and IT assets
  • Organizational transformations in IT management
  • Management of sustainability on  IT support of business