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Registration Control system

Registration Control system

The registration system has been created with the aim of simplification of citizens’ registration procedures, came to reception of officials in enterprises and the organizations, as well as automation of Admission rules.

The system consists of the following subsystems:

·       Single admission

·       Reception

Subsystem of “the single admission”

Improvement of quality of duty service organized on an entrance and an exit of enterprises and the organizations, as well as supervision of all actions of applicants by guard is automated through "the single admission" application.

The subsystem of "the single admission" has been created with the aim of implementing the order, development, registration and control of documents allowing the single admission of external persons (applicants) to administrative buildings for improvement of security system of protected objects.

Registration of waiter applied with “single admission”, awareness and approval of him by the officials, completion of reception time, and registration of time that waiter left an organization or enterprise is ensured. By means of this application the list of guards is prepared and approved by an authorized person. During registration of applicant (waiter) temporary certificate is opened on behalf of him.

Information on applicant and the list of the subjects that temporarily taken from him are provided in the certificate. If the organization was connected to the general passport registration system of citizens, then data and image on the applicant is automatically included to certificate. Otherwise, applicant’s image is attached to the certificate by the person on duty via the camera.

The "reception" application has been developed for improvement of procedures of citizens’ registration in reception hours of officials at enterprises and the organizations.