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Electronic document circulation system – ASDIS

Relevance of introduction of the electronic document circulation system (SEDMS).

 According to “Forrester Research”, 38% of the companies from the “Fortune 500” list consider that implementation of electronic document circulation system meeting the up-to-date requirements is crucial for successful development of their business. The specialists conducting research on the relevant field also agree to this opinion. Most of them emphasize that electronic document circulation system plays an important role in companies’ activities. For example, according to “Siemens Business Services” company, when using EDMS :

  • ·       Labor productivity of the personnel increases by 20-25% ;
  • ·       The cost of archival storage of electronic documents is cheaper than the cost of storage of paper archives.

İmplementation of electronical document circulation has both tactical, and strategic benefits.

Tactical benefits include sharply decrement of expenses consumed for archiving of documents, release of a physical place envisaged for deployment of paper documents, reduction of expenses allocated for copy of documents, decrement of expenses considered for personnel and equipment.

Strategically importance of the system means emergence of new advantages in respect to the increase of companies or enterprises’ productivity. They are mainly consist of the followings:

  •  Emergence of possibility of collective work on documents (that is impossible at paper office-work);
  •   Considerable acceleration of search and selection process of documents.
  •   High-level quaranty of information security  (during the implementation of electronical document circulation, everybody can only obtain information which is in its power) ;
  •   Increase of safety of information because work in EDMS from the unregistered workstation is impossible, and to each user of EDMS the powers of access to information are appointed;
  •   Preservation of documents for longer period and in more convenient way, reinforcement of supervision for documents’ execution.

ASDIS (Electronic document circulation system), developed by Cybernet Company has been intended for public institutions. ASDIS combines all specifications of work and business processes of public institutions of the Republic of Azerbaijan, as well as easily adapts to changes of the national legislation.

The basic specifications of ASDIS document circulation system are listed below:

  • The ASDIS system is the leader of the Azerbaijan market and the most demanded system among public institutions of the Republic of Azerbaijan. This system is used by the Ministry of Taxes, Mortgage Fund of Azerbaijan, the State Committee on Property Issues, the State Agency on Service to Citizens and Social Innovations under the President of the Republic of Azerbaijan (ASAN).
  • The ASDIS system is initially adapted under specifics of work of the Azerbaijani public institutions, in it all requirements of the Azerbaijani legislation, feature of working processes of government institutions AR that allows to reduce expenses on adaptation, integration, the, training in comparison with the other systems of document flow presented in the market are considered.
  • Since the beginning ASDIS system has been adapted to business features of state authorities. Beside the requirements of legislation of the Republic of Azerbaijan, all specifications of business process of state structures have been taken into account. In its turn it enables minimization of costs for adaptation, integration and technical management.
  •  Compared with the analogic choices, the system in question is more reliable, acquisition and use off that is cheaper.
  •  Simplicity of Installation, customization, exploitation, update and support is extremely simple ;
  •  System is sustainable, and harmonization to concrete processes of company is fully possible.
  •  It owns web interface allowing to provide data security ;
  •  Cross-platform: operability of system on any operating systems such as  Windows, Linux, Sun Solaris, etc. ;
  •   There is an opportunity for integration to previously used systems of company;
  •   There is an opportunity for “delete” command, which enables quick reaction to remote interruptions;

As a result of introduction of ASDIS -electronic document circulation system, the following consequences can be obtained:

  • Efficiency implementation of search of the necessary document: Several hours that previously used for search, now can be reduced up to several seconds;
  • Acceleration of data exchange within the organization: the document transfer in an electronic form doesn't demand physical movement, and hours of time;
  • Reliable control of document circulation: the system keeps all data on whole operations conducted in document, as well as information on the  users being responsible for this document;
  • Decrease of risks on  loss or corruption of documents: as users work with electronic copies of documents, risks on loss and corruption of the original version is impossible;
  • Decrease of risk on unauthorized access to documents: as the reliability and safety of storage of electronic versions is higher in comparison with paper analogs, it  allows to carry out constantly protection and  control access to documents;
  • No need for copying of document and storing of one document in few copies: as there won’t be need for copy of agreed and signed internal documents, costs will reduce;
  • Sharp depreciation of costs required for archival storage of electronic documents , and efficiency access to archival information: long-term and reliable e-carriers require neither empty fields nor big amount of money;
  • Function of “remind the given-out tasks to users”: electronic document circulation beforehand notifies users on approach of control points.
  • The function of assessment of business effectiveness: as all operations conducted by users and works done remain in system memory, there is an opportunity to estimate user’s activity.
  • Accumulation of corporative knowledge, an opportunity for accelerated learning and interchangeability of employees: in the case of employee replacement, new collaborator can easily find and get informed on the needed document.


Implementation of ASDIS system developed by Cybernet Company allows you:

  • to reduce overhead costs allocated for processing, protection and delivery of documents;
  • to reduce unproductive part of employees’ work hours;
  • to reduce the financial losses related to the forfeit of documents, and  leakage of commercial secret;
  • to raise level of services offered to Customers;
  • to strengthen performing discipline;

Results of effective implementation of ASDIS document circulation are the followings:

  • increase in labor productivity;
  • rise in  governance level;
  • increase of employees’ responsibility;

Employees are provided with actual information, level of services offered to customers increases. As well as internal and external risks are minimized, reliable protection of commercial secrets is ensured.