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HRM - Human Resource Management

Providing HR managers with powerful instruments of support of management, modern IT solutions allow to optimize management of human resources, to concentrate all attention on administrative and strategic tasks and as a whole to increase efficiency of personnel management. 
The Cybernet company by right is considered one of the strongest from the point of view of HR experts in the domestic IT market. Extensive examination in the field of construction and introduction of systems of automation of personnel management is supported with successful projects of introduction of HRM systems at the largest domestic enterprises and in the state organizations.
HRM the system developed by the Cybernet company, includes management of the function following:
  • Data control of candidates.
  • Management of a specification.
  • Calculation of a salary and salaries.
  • Travel expenses.
  • Planning and professional growth of the personnel:
  • Organization and planning.
  • Description of working hours and staff list.
  • Preliminary selection of candidates.
  • Qualifications and qualification requirements.
  • Management of professional development.
  • Planning of career and replacement of positions
  • Planning of maintenance costs of the personnel.
  • Planning of use of the personnel.
Planning of working hours.
Besides, specially the system of an assessment of the personnel was developed for structures of public administration and the large enterprises - one of the major processes in management of the organizations and the enterprises of a different profile and character which covers and automates this process, determines efficiency of performance by the staff of the organization of the functions and realization of the organizational purposes. This system can take root and as addition to a control system of a shot, and as separate independent system. The system covers the following activities of a human resources department:
  • Increase of efficiency of staff recruitment,
  • Optimization of number of the personnel,
  • Identification of potential of employees,
  • Creation of a personnel reserve,
  • Raising of corporate spirit in the companies and many other tasks.
In this system there are following modules:
  • Estimation of the specialist/expert
  • Estimation of the manager/head
  • Estimation of Heads
  • Estimation of structural divisions
  • Productivity check on a task executability in time frames specified earlier
  • Otseniivany qualities of the performed work
  • Estimation of complexity of a task
  • Planning of career growth of employees
  • Carrying out testing/certification
  • Planning and realization of methods on encouragement and collectings
  • The reporting and removal of the general analytical reports under efficiency calculation