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CRM - Customer relationship management

The modern market differs the high competition, requirements of clients of the companies of various profile to quality of provided services and products constantly grow. In these conditions the success of business, adjustment and development of cooperation with new and existing customers in many respects decides by efficiency of the organization of processes of interaction on clients. An important role is played thus by modern means of IT support of these processes – Customer Relationship Management System (Customer Relationship Management, CRM ─ control systems of relationship with clients).

Uniting all front office services of the company, CRM-applications allow to realize in a complex enterprise CRM strategy, to construct the long-term and effective relations with clients.
Customer Relationship Management System cover all cycle of interaction with the customer and aggregate all channels and a common ground with clients, at the same time solving specific problems of each of stages of creation of relationship with them ─ from the first appeal to the client to the company before use of mechanisms of increase of its loyalty.
Direct effect from introduction of CRM solutions ─ improvement of quality and efficiency of work with clients at simultaneous reduction of expenses due to realization of the basic principles of the concept of management by relationship with clients: 
  • standardization of all business processes connected with interaction with clients
  • coherence and transparency of work of all front office divisions of the company
  • combinations of all client information in a uniform database and the organizations of quick access to it
  • the centralized control of all possible channels of interaction with clients
As a program platform for automation of production, processes of marketing, sales and customer service the IT company proposes the following solutions: 
  • Microsoft Dynamics CRM
  • ORACLE Siebel
  • SugarCRM Professional ─ Customer Relationship Management System in rent