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Municipality Tax Management System (BAMS)



Ministry of Taxes of the Republic of Azerbaijan


-          To create a single automated registration system of municipality taxes in the country;

-          A more modern and advanced way to ensure the activities of municipalities;

-          Formation of a Single Register Database of the municipalities;

-          An efficient and operative identification and payment of tax debts by means of modern technologies;

-          Provision of e-services by the municipalities and simplification the move to online government services;

-          The local taxes (municipal taxes) will be paid easily;

-          Ensuring transparency in the activity of municipalities;

-          To create Automated Document Management system in Municipalities

Subsystems and modules:

-          Automated Document Management System;

-          HR system;

-          Registration System:

·         Registration of individuals

·         Registration of juridical entities

·         Registration of individuals property

·         Registration of individuals lands and etc.;

-          Declaration System;

-          Personal Account Page - Virtual room;

-          Business Directory - Work Folder;

-          Municipality E-Services System;

-          Online Payments System:

               ·   Integration with Government Payment Portal;

-          Advanced Search - Reporting and Analysis System.