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Creation and implementation of Electronic Document Flow system for the State Committee on Standardization, Metrology and patent of the Republic of Azerbaijan

Electronic Document Flow System


State committee on Standardization, Metrology and patent of the Republic of Azerbaijan


The purpose of the creation of Electronic System for Information Disclosure is the automation of circulation of internal correspondence, as well as of documentation received from other government agencies, enterprises, organizations, citizens and also documentation send to aforementioned addressees.

Subsystems and modules:

·    Electronic document flow system

·    Administrative and security systems (EYEKS)

The system has the following features and functions:

·    Structuring of registration and archiving of documents, electronic document circulation;

·    Registration of documents received from various sources (printed documents, documents received via e-mail, external system, electronic portal, etc.);

·    Creating and approving of documents electronically;

·    Ability to sign documents with electronic signature (Asan İmza);

·    Integration with other systems;

·    Transportation of document sets for various operations;

·    Full history of transactions related to the document;

·    Information on conducting various procedures;

·    Control over the execution of directorates, prescribed in documents and internal orders;

·    Ability to conduct large-scale searches and retrieve reports.

Technologies used: Oracle, Java, Avrora, Eyex, DAL