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Cybernet to participate in the export of Azerbaijani intellectual products

A memorandum of cooperation was signed among the 10 specialized companies in the field of innovations On July 7, 2017. Cybernet became one of the co-founders of the formation within the framework of the "Consortium for the Export of Azerbaijani Innovations". The memorandum also was signed by the following companies: SİNAM, ULTRA Technologies, B.EST Solutions, Neuron, İdrak, BestComp Group, GoldenPay, R.I.S.K and Innovation Center ".

The event was covered by the State Agency on Public Services and Social Innovations under the President of the Republic of Azerbaijan ("ASAN xidmət").

The chairman of the agency Inam Kerimov noted that the main goal of Azerbaijan is the formation of a multifaceted, innovation-oriented economy, as well as ensuring the development of the non-oil sector and expanding export opportunities.

Chairman of the Supervisory Board of BestComp Group, also being appointed as the chairman of the consortium Rauf Hasanov noted that the intellectual products of Azerbaijan will not yield to the products of other countries. According to him, the creation of a consortium will simplify the entry into the world markets for Azerbaijani companies and create conditions for the production of competitive products.

Support for the consortium was assurance by the chairman of “ASAN xidmət” Inam Kerimov, executive director of the Center for Analysis of Economic Reforms and Communications (IITKM) Vusal Gasimli, and head of the International Development Agency (AIDA) Ashraf Shikhaliyev.