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The Cybernet company offers European experience in the field of data-centers

Cybernet entering into Synergy Group group held in September multilateral negotiations for creation of national data-center in Azerbaijan.
Within involvement in project team of DCP (Data Center Plan) representatives of Cybernet conducted negotiations on creation and development in Azerbaijan of such type of business.
In order to select the model of the center and the preparation of its business plan, consultations were held with experts from Slovenia and the Czech Republic. They will be continued, and the number of partners also include Romanian companies.
"Cybernet" Company together with telecommunications organizations in Azerbaijan and representatives DCP in the next step is planning the preparation of a 2-week training, education, analysis and exchange of experience.
It is necessary to mark that the Cybernet Company differing in innovative and perspective projects from 2013th year became members of DCP team. 
The DCP group, possessing a wide experience in the sphere of creation of information centers, includes the consulting companies of France, the USA, Romania, Slovenia and the Czech Republic, which are engaged in information technology, equipment production, the industry and construction.  It is necessary to mark that the IBM, Caterpillar and Legrand companies also include into the DCP team.
Cybernet Company started its activity in 2004 and since 2011 is included into Synergy Group. The company offers in Azerbaijan and Central Asian countries, services and solutions for IT. The company has extensive experience in the creation of e-services and application solutions for eGovernment.