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The Cybernet company successfully finished the project of automation of tax system of Tajikistan

The Cybernet company which is one of the largest companies of Azerbaijan in the sphere of IT, successfully finished the large-scale project for Tax committee at the Government of the Republic of Tajikistan. About it it is reported in the official statement of Tax Committee of the Republic of Tajikistan.
Thus, having examined within a year experience in the sphere of management of tax information of Russia, Kazakhstan, Georgia, the Baltic countries and Azerbaijan, the Tax Committee of Tajikistan took as a basis experience of the Ministry of Taxes of the Azerbaijan Republic in the sphere of information systems, and also the preference was given to the technological decisions, presented by the Cybernet company. Simplicity, the efficiency, rich opportunities and inadmissibility of additional expenses for taxpayers of the system offered by the Cybernet company, were the main criteria of a choice of Tax Committee of Tajikistan. We will note that, the analysis made in the current year, programming and adjusting works were successfully complete for 4 months before the appointed term, and since September system introduction was begun. The project will cover all country.
In the report it is also noted that soon, after deeper studying of experience of the Ministry of Taxes of Azerbaijan the Republics in the sphere of management of tax information introduction and other projects of the Cybernet company is expected.
From 2012th year the Cybernet company based on successful experience in Azerbaijan started development of the foreign markets and at present takes an important place in export of information technologies of our country. On the company of information received from the management, the effective partnership with various establishments in the countries of Central Asia is at present created, and negotiations on implementation of new projects are conducted.
Created in the 2004th year, JSC Cybernet is one of IT largest in Azerbaijan the company which carries out complex innovative projects in the sphere of the electronic government. Thanks to the presented technological decisions in this sphere, the important role of the company was recognized from the moment of its creation. The automated Tax Information System, the State Information System "Electronic Government", Mobile digital signature, and also other large-scale projects, are an indicator of success of the Cybernet company. It should be noted that, having entered in the 2011th year investment holding "Synergy Group", JSC Cybernet becomes business by the face of modern Azerbaijan in sector of information technologies.