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The Cybernet company became the winner of the tender on automation of Tax System of Tajikistan

The Cybernet company which is carrying out activity in the field of development of the software, production and supply of equipment and hardware components for electronic state decisions became the winner of the tender of Tax Committee of the Republic of Tajikistan.  Cybernet will put electronic devices of data transmission (GSM modules) and will provide the software solution of own development providing visualization of transfers of cash of payments, control and control of cash registers, by means of installation of the special server. 
During consideration of tender offers it became obvious that the offer of Azerbaijan is the most preferable both on technical advantages, and at the acceptable price. Thus, Cybernet became the first company realizing the project in the field of tax administration, namely restriction of manipulations in cash registers, also as on introduction of the Azerbaijani practice concerning control over the central and local cash registers in CIS countries.
The project which includes equipment installation, the software, modernization, testing, training of local experts and creation of local technical team, is calculated on 3 months. It should be noted that the electronic device of transfer and part of system of instant transfer to the central system, is completely developed by the Cybernet company. Also introduction of this successful practice in such countries as Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan, Belarus, and Moldova is planned. Results of preliminary negotiations in this direction laid the foundation for further expansion of activity of "Cybernet" outside the country.