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Kazakh Health Ministry sends letter of gratitude to Azerbaijan’s leading IT company

/Trend News Agency/ The Cybernet Company has developed an integrated information system for the Republic Center for Health Development (RCHD) of Kazakhstan by request of Ministry of Health of Kazakhstan in the framework of World Bank project. Company employees- the General Director Namazov Ilham and Project Director Huseynli Ismail were awarded with letters of thanks for their contribution to the development of the independent assessment of knowledge and skills of health care professionals of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

The pilot version of IIS was successfully launched in October of this year with the participation of employees of Cybernet and representatives of the (RCHD). Personnel involved in piloting, noted the simplicity and reliability of the system.

The integrated information system (IIS) was developed within the framework of the World Bank project according to the international requirements for conducting computer testing in a secure network. IIS is consists from such modules as administration, management of the preparation process for the exam, conducting practical skills assessment, forum, webinar, searching module and reporting system. This system provides a theoretical and practical examination for doctors and nurses, graduates of medical schools, residents, interns, college graduates, faculty members. Registration, testing and calculation of results are carried out automatically without the possibility of human factor influencу. A personal electronic office, that allows you to choose the date and time of the exam, as well as to apply for participation in the exam and to track its progress without leaving house, is created for each applicant. The test results are instantly sent to the permanent personal office of the applicant, and it can not be deleted or changed. The system has several levels of information and databases protection, as well as ability to monitor authorized and unauthorized access to any information.

Full-scale usage of IIS in the assessment of the competence of health professionals is planned to be implemented from the beginning of 2018. This stage until full-scale start, will improve the quality and reliability of the registration, testing and processing of results in assessing the knowledge of health workers before their admission to practice.

Beside the leading Azerbaijani IT company Cybernet, 10 more companies from Portugal, Slovakia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan and other countries, including Cybernet, have participated in the tender for the development of an integrated information system (IIS) for the elimination of corruption risks in the assessment of knowledge and skills conducted by the the Republican Center for Health Development of Kazakhstan. Cybernet, acting in a consortium with the Russian company Bars Group, won the tender and signed an agreement on the development of this system with the Ministry of Health of Republic of Kazakhstan in December 6, 2016 in Astana.